1958 Newspaper with 1858 Diary Entries

I found an old newspaper (1958) tucked in an old wooden chest, over the weekend. It is yellowed and brittle with pieces breaking off as I carefully open it. I like seeing the old advertisements.
What is really fun in this paper, is an article with excerpts of a diary from 1858. The diary was presented to the Minnesota Historical Society (in 1958) and was featured in the Minneapolis
Tribune throughout Statehood week (Minnesota Centennial). I love reading through old articles and journals, it is like peeking into a window of the past.

This is one passage from August 10, 1858:

"A day or two since news reached us that the telegraphic cable is laid across the Atlantic. Everybody is surprised and jubilant over it. Four times a failure but a triumph at last. Even yet, however, I am some afraid that the news will turn out a hoax- 'tis too good to be true. This will bring New York 15 minutes from London . Were not the public mind prepared for this achievement by long experiment and discussion, we should be wild with excitement.
Really it seem to me the most important achievement since the discovery of the telegraph itself. Not mainly of the business advantages it will bring but because it will make us familiar and sociable with our English cousins and then with Europe and then with the world and then- we shall all begin to be brothers more than ever before- Distance is the great alienation.
It is hard even for a lawyer to fight his next door neighbors who he sees and talks with many times a day..... "

I have to be careful with the paper- it is very brittle and I would like to be able to open it more to see what other articles are inside.