Kramer Jewelry Fun Facts

Kramer NY Necklace Earrings Set

In 1943, Louis Kramer opened his business Kramer Jewelry Creation in New York City. He produced elaborate and elegant jewelry out of golden metal, transparent quartz, glass and enamel. Later Louis was joined by his siblings Harry and Morris in the jewelry business. All facets of the business took place in NYC. “Kramer NY,” was the mark used by Louis in the 40’s and early 50’s and collectors believe this is some of Kramer’s best vintage jewelry.

Louis handled the productivity of his jewelry business with the assistance of his brothers. Louis was hands-on with the design of his finished product. He fashioned many of the company’s lavish and matching sets for his jewelry company. He favored floral designs made with colored enamel or golden petals and leaves. Some of the flower brooches had rhinestones set in the centers. Louis also made jewelry flowing with rhinestone in vivid colors as well as geometrical patterns and animal shapes.

In 1947, Christian Dior launched his womanly “New Look” and he was not shy about using charming, flashy, costume jewelry with flamboyant fake gems. In the 50’s and 60’s Louis was asked to manufacture this costume jewelry for Christian Dior. These pieces are marked “Dior by Kramer,” or “Kramer for Dior.”

Kramer’s detailed Dior pieces were built upon the company’s artistic and organic, charming design achieving a high degree of style and grandeur in the process. Some of Dior’s jewelry were flowing Swarovski borealis, petal patterned pastes, and elegant fake pearls. The Dior partnership was profitable but Kramer Jewelry closed its doors in the 70’s. Today the parures, especially the pieces manufactured for Dior, are regarded as Kramer’s most collectibles.

Kramer’s jewelry is valuable in today’s market especially pieces produced in the 1950’s. This era’s jewelry has become very popular and that has increased the value of jewelry produced in that time period.

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