A Look at Weiss Jewelry

1960's Weiss Jewelry example

Albert Weiss, who previously had worked for the Corocraft Company, started his own company in 1942. Weiss jewelry is famous among the vintage jewelry collectors. In 1942 when Weiss launched his business he also opened a factory that was devoted to manufacturing hand set pieces of jewelry.

A characteristic of early Weiss was the quality of the stones which were acquired from suppliers in Austria since these stones had a high lead content and gave the pieces a sparkling appearance. His business was small but grew swiftly through the1950’s and 1960’s. Some Weiss pieces were made by Hollycraft - including some of the Christmas tree pins.

A smoky rhinestone called “black diamond” became popular among high end jewelers and Weiss incorporated these into his style and designs. After this line of jewelry was successful he launched a line of Christmas tree pins that were made in Germany but displayed the Weiss logo. They became a top seller for Weiss so they were copied and continue to be copied today.

Albert Weiss worked with clear and colored rhinestones and was known for his creation of bugs, butterflies and flowers (see the roses brooch shown above here ). He sold various lines of jewelry to fit individual budgets. He sold top quality stunning jewelry and accessories, paying significant attention to details.

The marks used by Albert Weiss was “WEISS” in block letters and then in script. He also used “Albert Weiss” , Weissco NY, and A W Co.

Albert Weiss was president of his jewelry company until 1969 when he retired. His son, Michael, kept the company opened until 1971 when Weiss Jewelry finally closed its doors.
Weiss has left us some amazing collectible treasures.