Miriam Haskell Jewelry

Miriam Haskell Floral Brooch with Earrings Set

Miriam Haskell started her jewelry business in New York City in 1926. Miriam’s handcrafted flower themed jewelry was popular among the woman in Manhattan.
They cherished her elaborate pieces with quality glass pearls, gilt settings, blown glass and the unique rose montees.

Frank Hess joined in 1926 as her chief designer a position he held until 1960.
That year Robert F Clark took over as chief designer for the company. Miriam’s jewelry was not signed until after 1947, although some paper hang-tags may have been used.
The permanent signatures began in 1947 but were still infrequent in use until around 1950.

Lucille Ball was one of Miriam’s loyal customers and some of the jewelry she purchased was worn on her TV show. Joan Crawford was another customer who purchased Miriam’s jewelry from the late 30’s into the 60’s. Joan Crawford’s jewelry was sold at an auction a year after her death in 1978.

The value of Miriam Haskell’s vintage jewelry relies on the condition of the piece.
The elaborate work on the jewelry makes it hard to restore missing rhinestones or faux pearls. The clasps tend to be elaborate as well. The baroque pearl and more elaborate
pieces are the most sought after.

The above shown set is a fine example of some of her pieces