Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

swarovski elephant brooch
swarovski tulip pin

In 1862 Daniel Swarovski was born in Northern Bohemia, which was the center of a thriving crystal and costume jewelry business. In such a setting it was not a surprise that Daniel was captivated by the colored sparkle of faceted stones from an early age. As a young man he showed a talent for invention and entrepreneurship that shaped the basis that is a family company today employing more than 20,000 with a residence in 120 countries.

In 1895 Daniel moved to Wattens in Austria where he could produce his own electricity from alpine steam that allowed him to keep his innovations secret. He went into business when the arts, literature, music and science were blending throughout Central Europe, encompassed by the inspiration of Mitteleuropa and all it symbolized. From the beginning the company was steeped in culture, innovations and ingenuity.

In the early 20th century, Swarovski Crystal became a key feature in the world of high fashion. The company worked with iconic individuals such as Chanel and Christian Dior.
The company continues today; 113 years of production.
Shown above are 2 pins by the company and marked with the Swarovski swan logo.