Victorian Period of Antique Jewelry

jet and cameo bracelet

True antique jewelry is 100 years or older.
Shown above is a jet bracelet with cameo focal.

One of the antique periods is the Victorian era which covers the late 1830s through early 1900s. Named for Queen Victoria who reigned from 1837 through 1901,
the Victorian period covers a long span of time. It begins with a romantic period with the marriage of Victoria to Prince Albert, then covers the long mourning period after the death of her beloved prince in 1861, and the latter part of the Victorian period reflects coming out of mourning and reflects the archeological findings in other countries, and the discovery of diamonds in Africa.

Some of the characterizations of this long era are: snakes, cameos from Italy, taille d'eparnge (black enameling), repousse, cannetille (twisted gold wire), mourning jewelry, crescent moon and stars, pieces made from vulcanite, bog oak, tortoise shell, jewelry made of human hair, lava, lockets (momento mori and sentimental), matching bracelets for both arms, diamond accents.