antiques and jewelry on display

Displaying your pieces of vintage accessories and jewelry allows you to enjoy your collection more often. Here are a few fun examples:
Your china hutch: This is my favorite place to showcase some of my pieces. Tucked between teacups and sitting in the front of my vintage china, I have several of my prized pieces on display on the glass shelving, including the pair of bracelets my Grandfather made my Grandmother out of silverware during WWII.


Late 1850's

This weekend we toured the historic Landing, along the Minnesota River Valley. It is an 88 acre museum set-up to show life from the 1840's through the 1890's. The guides are in historical costume and answer questions and demonstrate aspects of daily life 150 years ago. There were also cases lined with antique hats, celluloid hair jewelry, and other accessories.
All of the women's clothing of those times were custom made. They had to be fitted for both their working corsets and their dress corsets.
Shown is a house built in 1845 followed by one built in the late 1850's.



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