Juliana bunny pin

A very fun and harder to find Juliana pin- a bunny. This version is in clear glass for the body and navettes with accents of rhinestones. Perfect to welcome Spring or to greet
Happy Easter! Juliana made several beautiful figural pins in the 1960's. This is one of my favorites.

Other Spring pins by DeLizza & Elster here;

A Juliana butterfly pin .


Claddagh rings Emerald Green and Clear Heart

Wishing everyone a Happy St Patrick's day. The Irish Claddagh ring has three distinctive features. A crown, a pair of hands and a heart. The crown sits above the heart and the hands surround or hold the heart. Each of the features has a symbolic meaning- the crown represents Loyalty, the hands represent Friendship, and the heart is Love.

We have the above shown sterling with gold overlay Claddagh ring here


Miracle Scottish Brooch
Miracle Agate Pin
Miracle Britain Brooch

Jewelry with a Scottish theme became very popular when Queen Victoria and Prince Albert acquired the Balmoral Castle in Scotland (1852).
The Victorian pins were set with agates, amethysts and citrines and often portrayed the thistle which is Scotland's national emblem.
You will also find the Scottish theme in Victorian Revival pieces from the 1930's ,1950's etc.
The above brooches and pins are Victorian Revival pieces from the company Miracle which started in 1946.


Kramer NY Necklace Earrings Set

In 1943, Louis Kramer opened his business Kramer Jewelry Creation in New York City. He produced elaborate and elegant jewelry out of golden metal, transparent quartz, glass and enamel. Later Louis was joined by his siblings Harry and Morris in the jewelry business. All facets of the business took place in NYC. “Kramer NY,” was the mark used by Louis in the 40’s and early 50’s and collectors believe this is some of Kramer’s best vintage jewelry.


Miriam Haskell Floral Brooch with Earrings Set

Miriam Haskell started her jewelry business in New York City in 1926. Miriam’s handcrafted flower themed jewelry was popular among the woman in Manhattan.
They cherished her elaborate pieces with quality glass pearls, gilt settings, blown glass and the unique rose montees.


my newest video on my vintage jewelry collection juliana d&e

I uploaded a video on my Juliana DeLizza & Elster photography. I have many, many photos of Juliana pieces and I tried to pick out some of my favorites as well as some unusual ones. They are all verified. It was a Juliana bracelet and earrings set that got me started in vintage jewelry. I received them as a gift and had never seen anything like it. They were bold and very glitzy. The crystals were root beer and aurora borealis. I was mesmerized by them. I hope you enjoy the video, I really enjoyed making it:


swarovski elephant brooch
swarovski tulip pin

In 1862 Daniel Swarovski was born in Northern Bohemia, which was the center of a thriving crystal and costume jewelry business. In such a setting it was not a surprise that Daniel was captivated by the colored sparkle of faceted stones from an early age. As a young man he showed a talent for invention and entrepreneurship that shaped the basis that is a family company today employing more than 20,000 with a residence in 120 countries.


1960's Weiss Jewelry example

Albert Weiss, who previously had worked for the Corocraft Company, started his own company in 1942. Weiss jewelry is famous among the vintage jewelry collectors. In 1942 when Weiss launched his business he also opened a factory that was devoted to manufacturing hand set pieces of jewelry.



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