FDR's Scottie Dog Influence on Jewelry of the 1940's

FDR's Scottie Dog Influence on Jewelry of the 1940's

Posted by Michelle Webb on Feb 20th 2023

Washington’s Birthday was enacted as a Federal holiday in 1879. Although originally the day was celebrated since 1800 (following Washington’s death in 1799) it was officially a Federal holiday in 1879. Washington’s Birthday was observed as a federal holiday until 1971, when President Nixon declared via executive order a change to Presidents’ Day, to honor all past presidents. 

White House Dogs

Since 1800 there have been 32 dogs that have lived in the White House with their presidents. The most famous is

Fala, a Scottish Terrier who was the dog of 32nd President Franklin D Roosevelt. Fala was seen traveling with the

president and often at his side. Fala’s full name is Murray the Outlaw of Falahill. He is the only presidential pet to

have a bronze statue erected with his president in his honor. You will find Scottie dog jewelry was very popular during

FDR’s presidency. And the jewelry materials during that time included plastics and wood due to the WW2’s

restrictions and shortages. Here is the shown above rare 1940's bracelet. And here is a 1940's Scottie Dog Brooch carved and painted.