Wedding Jewelry Think Quality Vintage

Wedding Jewelry Think Quality Vintage

Posted by Michelle on Mar 4th 2023

Are you searching for your wedding jewelry? Consider antique or vintage items for your ensemble. High quality retro pieces will be romantic and then cherished for years after the ceremony.

Choose pieces that work with your wedding dress. You can focus on clear crystal rhinestones, pearls, and ornate silver filigree. You will want to match your necklace to follow the neckline of your dress.

A beautiful idea for a necklace are antique watch chains. These pieces have ornate chains and can be worn alone or in multiples. Here is one we currently offer:

Vintage Gold Filled Watch Chain

Also brilliant earrings, sparkling bracelets... you can mix and match or check out matched sets. The 1950's and 1960's were full of quality jewelry pieces that could be a fun addition to your look.

We have hair accessories that are new with a vintage flare. These can work with vintage jewelry:

Hair Accessories

If you are in Minnesota and would like to make an appointment to see our jewelry for your wedding, just call or reach out with our contact form to set up an appointment. I will have the coffee ready!

Check out our selection of jewelry that will be perfect for your special day-